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Hi I am Jessica Rayne. Part time pornstar slut and full time web cam whore! Pleased to meet you x

I am sat here with my knickers at my ankles after just removing two fingers from my wet cunt. Have a guess what I masturbated over? I was thinking about the time I fucked some guy from one of my web cam shows.

I actually do this quite a lot. I love doing shows where I can see the guys as well. Seriously I love watching a guy wank. Love watching you tense up and the cum run down your hand.

A few years back there was this businessman you used to always go one on one with me. He always wanted me dressed in high heals, stockings and expensive knickers. I fucking loved watching him wank his cock. He was always dressed in these suits which were spotless clean and pressed and bang he would cum and you could see it running down the suit fabric.

Anyway one day he tells me he is going to be visiting my area and that he will be staying in a hotel near me. He asks me if I would like to meet up? Of course I want to meet up. I have seen him produce enough cum to fill a swimming pool. At a minimum I can get a quick shag and he can shoot a load of it down my throat.

I felt such a whore. Rocking up to his hotel room wearing stocking, suspenders etc. It was weird meeting someone in the flesh who you had seen cum hundreds of times before. We shared a glass of wine and then I noticed a bulge in his trousers.

The cock I had come here for wanted to come out to play.

I lent over. 'Here let me do that for you' I said as I unbuttoned his trousers and pulled his boxer shorts down. His cock jumped out very hard. I grasped my hand around it and pulled it deep into my throat. He pushed my head down on my cock and made me gag. I love that. I love it when a guy holds your head and throat fucks you.

He then did what no man has done before. I sat on the edge of the bed, pulled me over his knee and spanked me. It seriously turned me on. He then turned me round so I was bent over the bed in a doggy style position and proceeded to fuck me very hard.

He lent over and grabbed a bunch of my hair and got harder and faster with the fucking. He was now brutally fucking me, I heard him start moaning and then he pulled out and pulled my head towards his cock before shooting a load down my throat.

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